Welcome Los de Mora Local Growers’ Cooperative Inc.

We hope everyone enjoyed our presentation.  Drones are something we are passionate about and we love sharing our experience and excitement with others.

Drones used responsibly are incredibly versatile and customizable tools which can be adapted to most any task.  If you are interested in drones and how they might be useful to you send us an email william.grassie@gmail.com and we can discuss it.

We offer advice, custom builds, training, aerial photography services, 3D mapping, photogrammetry and more.

Thanks for having us,

William and Erin Grassie




Welcome MAKE subscribers!

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I hope you find the blog interesting and I hope it inspires you to build your own multi-rotor.  I also hope that it helps you think of new and innovative ways to use these amazing machines.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


MCN 2013

To all I met and didn’t get to meet at MCN 2013 welcome!  I had an amazing time and it was a pleasure to show my work.

If any one has any questions or would like to contact me please email me at: