Initial Testing

Once I had the new gear installed I was able to install and configure the camera gimbal.



With all systems tested and functioning correctly the multi-rotor was ready for field tests.  I decided to use the old trolley building on the campus of New Mexico Highlands University as my first subject.  This building is significant in that it housed horse drawn trolleys which were used in Las Vegas around the turn of the 20th century and the second being that the shell of this building will serve as the foundation for the future home of the Media Arts department.

This allows for an opportunity to record with photogrammetry the renewal of this building into a modern instructional facility.  I hope to model the building in its current state and after its renovation.

Parts of this structure are over two stories tall which makes for a perfect opportunity to test my multi-rotor as it has been designed for just such a subject.  It will also be a good test for determining how small of an area the multi-rotor will be capable of functioning in.  There are power lines, trees, and guide wires relatively close to the structure.

I will post videos, photos, and hopefully preliminary models of the tests soon.

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