More On The Gimbal

Here are a few more details regarding the camera gimbal build video I posted previously.

An important part of this project is making sure that the multi-rotor is built at minimal cost yet remains of substantial enough quality to perform all needed tasks.  That being said, finding a high quality gimbal at a low price can be very hard.  Gimbals range in price from $40 dollars into the thousands.

After much research I came across a servo controlled 2 axis gimbal that looked like it could easily be modified to mount on the frame I selected for the build.  It was also very inexpensive – around $37 dollars.  The gimbal can be found here.  they have several nice pictures of the fully constructed gimbal.  It is important to note that servos were not included nor did they state what size of servo would be needed.  When it arrived it looked a little less constructed.



There were also no instructions included.  Though I shouldn’t complain.  I wasn’t certain I would receive the order at all being as the vendor’s name is Goodluckbuy.  So I started putting things together using the photos on the vendor’s site.  Slowly it started taking shape.



Things went mostly according to the plan my mind had made, though i did struggle with some quality issues.  The ball joints and bolts designed to be the actuating arms didn’t actually fit and had to be tapped and glued together.  But that was about the only snag I came across at this point.



After several hours and lots of tinkering I had something that resembled the completed product.



You can see the aforementioned arms in this rear view.



All in all the build went very smooth and mounting it to the multi-rotor frame was very simple.  Just four holes 3.5 mm in diameter and four M3 bolts with locking nuts.

For the price, I am so far very satisfied with this gimbal and I am fairly confident it should get the job done.

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