Engineering Issues

In the coming days I will post some time lapse video of the actual multi-rotor frame build.  The build went very well and I didn’t have any problems.  But when I added the gimbal to the bottom of the multi-rotor I soon noticed a pretty big problem.  The landing gear which I had envisioned using, and had already purchased, was very obviously not going to work.  It was purchased for its price and I had used it in a previous build with some success.  You can find it here.  I found that when the gimbal was mounted to the frame of the multi-rotor there was just no viable place to attach the landing skid mounts.  So I had to scrap them and figure out another way to accomplish the same goal.

While researching a solution I came across a YouTube channel made by a gentleman who used a similar multi-rotor frame to the one I was using and he had come up with his own solution.  He used Sketchup and a Printrbot to make his own leg extensions.  His designs, though promising, proved to be too flimsy and short for my application.  This gentleman does, however, have his own forum and after searching around it I came across another gentleman who had made a much more robust design that snapped and bolted together.  Not only that, but he had made it available on  I downloaded his models and soon realized that the design was for legs that were about 13.5 CM in length.  I needed something closer to 20 CM.  Not having the knowledge to modify his design I found his YouTube page and sent him a private message asking for his help.

His name is Gavin Bendtsen and he was kind enough to email me back.  Not only that, but he went out of his way to modify his plans to fit my application and had them back to me by the next day.  A soon as I got the plans I went to work.  With the help of Mariano Ulibarri I got the legs printed and they came out very nice.


I went about mounting them to the multi-rotor frame and found that I only need to make a few small modifications.  I had to use an old soldering iron to melt several small indentions at the top of each leg piece to accommodate the motor mounting bolts.



With the modifications done I began fitting them to the frame.



Here is one leg finished.



All finished.



The legs seem flexible yet very sturdy and provide more than enough height to allow for the gimbal to hang underneath.  I am very thankful that Mr. Bendtsen was able to assist me in this endeavor as there is no product like this on the market.

This collaboration also shows a very important part of what makes any project like this successful. That is with help and collaboration from the community as well as the rise of at home design and manufacturing, one can accomplish just about anything.  May the makers of the world continue to unite and thrive.


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