The Project

Based on my epiphany in Havana I have endeavored to achieve the following.

  • I will build, from parts only, a multi-rotor remote controlled aircraft as a stabilized camera platform.
  • I will use traditional photography in addition to the multi-rotor to capture images of large scale structures.
  • These images will in turn be used to render textured 3D models  of said structures.
  • I will document this entire process.  Including the multi-rotor build, multi-rotor calibration and programming, use in the field, and image processing.

I hope to use this process and resulting information as a means to inspire and educate others who are interested in using these tools themselves.  I believe that this system if properly implemented will have a large impact on many fields such as conservation, restoration, cultural heritage, and many others.

I will also endeavor to make the project accessible as possible in regards to price point, and as a guide to put interested parties on a path to success.

This will include:

  • Explanation of concepts and terminology.
  • Tips for getting started
  • Skills needed
  • Complete build example
  • Methods of use
  • Processing files
  • Safety concerns
  • Possibilities
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