The Build

For the most part the multi-rotor I will be using has been built and in coming weeks I will be posting video and pics of the whole process.  I will be discussing a range of topics from, parts needed, back ground of the hardware used, theory, and best practices.  I will also discuss engineering issues and how I overcame them.

The idea being that when I am done I will have an aircraft that is stabilized by an Arduino based controller board.  The aircraft will feature a 2 axis, servo stabilized, camera gimbal capable of carrying a compact digital camera.  The camera shutter will be triggered by an additional servo mounted on the gimbal and controlled by the transmitter.  The multi-rotor will also feature an additional camera that will transmit live video to a ground station which will in turn broadcast to a pair of video goggles so that the aircraft might be flown as if the pilot is sitting in the aircraft.  This allows much more precise flying.  The aircraft will also broadcast live telemetry information to a laptop which acts as a flight recorder and will give the pilot the ability to tweak configurations on the fly.

If all of these systems can be made to work without error this multi-rotor will be a valuable tool for gathering photo based data to be used in the application of photogrammetry on a large scale.

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